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Beach Pool clubs Marbella

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The nicest beach clubs you should definitely visit during your next incentive trip in Marbella!

A short overview of 5 of the many beach-pool clubs there are in Marbella


This first one is one of the most famous beach clubs on the Marbella coastline. This beach club concept combines the elements of music, dining, entertainment, fashion, film and art into one. First have a bite to eat, enjoying a view of the sea and afterwards chill out in one of the relax seats while enjoying a glass of champagne and an ambient setting.


For an extraordinary experience this beach club is the place to be. Step into a world where everything revolves around the ocean. While the top service prepares your cocktail, you can relax on your sun bed and enjoy the festive vibe created by the best DJs. Would you like to get a massage? It is all possible. In addition to the regular days, there are also theme parties, each with a very glamorous, exciting and vibrant character. Live music and entertainment ensure an unforgettable experience.



This pool club is surrounded by palm trees and all kinds of other tropical plants. Relax on a sun bed under the sun while daydreaming under the lush trees. Be sure to taste one of the finest and freshest food prepared by the chef and his talented team.



This recently opened beach club with a super deluxe infrastructure has a lot to offer. You can have a tasty food in the restaurant and afterwards relax on one of the ultraluxe Balinese sunbeds. The bar where the cocktails are made is also part of the fun. Your feet in the sand for the real beach feeling or just chilling at the luxury pool, you can choose. Also check out the events if you fancy a small beach party!


If you prefer to keep it peaceful, this would be the perfect beach club. Described as a more peaceful and more sheltered setting, you sense the exclusivity and tranquility. The modern styled mansion has a cozy restaurant where you can eat a small bite as well as dine in the evening. On the terrace you have the pool surrounded by the comfortable sunbeds. Enjoy the lovely sea view tasting the tasty drinks and cocktails.